Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers has been dedicated to designing functional, innovative, and sustainable facilities for 50+ years. Working with educational, federal, municipal, and private entities, our expert architects, engineers, and construction administrators bring creative solutions and professional leadership to each client, project, and team. Tetra Tech embraces a culture of high expectations insisting on excellent communications, seeking the best solutions to the issues at hand, and fostering an environment of dialogue where ideas are raised, vetted, and acted upon. This involves a chain of communication and a hierarchy of groups and responsibilitiesguaranteeing specific and timely outcomes.

Our commitment to improving children’s lives through enhancing their daily educational experience is the motivation that drives each and every one of us at Tetra Tech.
— Priscilla Barclay, Sr. Vice President

Collaboration is more than just a word, it’s a guiding principle that’s one of the foundations of Tetra Tech’s philosophy. Our team’s objective is to exceed the goals and expectations of our clients. Tetra Tech’s collaborative design process will guarantee your project is more than just a set of solutions to a specific set of problems. 

At Tetra Tech, we uphold the highest standards of technical excellence and we staff our projects with a team carefully selected to fit each client's needs. Tetra Tech has more than 50 years of experience as a firm and our staff members are highly experienced, many with licenses and certifications in critical specialty areas. Our technical excellence safeguards your project and facilitates a smooth delivery of your building. A well designed building functions better, is less expensive to maintain, and is a more impressive visual symbol. Technical excellence is the vehicle that guarantees your goals become reality.